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President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

We’re in a new school year, which is quite different from those we have experienced in the past. 

Hurricane Sandy was one we will never forget.  The devastation was widespread, yet it pulled many of us together.  The Human Spirit prevails.  My heart is heavy with sadness for those who lost loved ones and those who suffered the losses of their homes and possessions.

Generally, after a natural disaster, there is a cleansing and renewal.  I’m sure we can all say that we have learned valuable lessons from this and we still have a lot to be grateful for. 

The next, and hopefully last, evaluation of Essex County College by the Middle States Accreditation Team will take place in the spring.  I am confident we will meet and surpass all of the standards. 

I like to tell the story of a conversation I had with the former Chancellor of Rutgers University- Newark Campus.  He worked closely on articulation with ECC.  He said that the ECC students who transferred to Rutgers were very well prepared.  We, adjunct faculty, should be very proud, as we teach more than 60% of the classes.

Another source of pride is our new contractual agreement with the College administration.  Our team:  John L Smith, Vice President; Mark Brodsky, Treasurer/Secretary; Joanna McAvoy, State Representative; and I spent the entire 2011-2012 school year at the bargaining table.  We are very proud of the results.

There are increments in pay, which I’m sure you have noticed in your paychecks.  An additional highlight is the office space we now have in each department.  Each of our offices has a computer with access to a printer, a phone for internal phone calls and a place to put our belongings.  We also have an office from which to conduct Union business. Details about that office will be forthcoming, as they are finalized.

Essex County College administration has been cooperative in helping us get the tools we need to maintain and increase our productivity.  The agreement goes both ways, as they expect us to do our part; i.e. submit our paperwork on time and correctly, and set high standards for our students.  Everyone likes to know they’ve been “heard.”  This is a partnership.

As ever, I wish each of you a productive, safe, and professionally satisfying school year.

Remember to contact John, Mark or me if you need clarification on anything.

Most sincerely,

Lynne Peterson Cummins

Lynne Peterson Cummins:; (973)856-0767

John L Smith;; (973)856-1133

Mark Brodsky;; (201)341-8811